Buying or selling a home can be one of the most exciting times in your life. There are also lots of things to think about and it can at times seem overwhelming.
It is a good idea to have one central location to store all of your home maintenance and repair records as well. That way you have all of this information handy to share with potential buyers.
Like anything else, getting your house ready to sell is done one step at a time. That is why we created this list to help you get your home in top selling condition.

  1. Gather service/repair records for all major systems and appliances. We are talking about your roof/attic, foundation, HVAC, irrigation system, pool/spa, plumbing/water heater and electrical
  2. Have HVAC unit services and check air filters for excessive dirt.
  3. Test all appliances to make sure of proper operation. Make note of or repair any known issues. You may find issues with your home’s microwave/hood vent/hood light, oven/stovetop, dishwasher, garbage disposal/trash compactor, smoke detector/carbon monoxide detector, light fixtures/ceiling fans, broken/missing outlet covers. Also check your sinks/showers/tubs/toilets and fireplace/flue.
  4. Check windows for damage and make note of or repair/replace. Broken seals can be identified by moisture in between panes. Other examples might be cracked panes, damaged or missing screens, or deteriorated caulking around window frames.
  5. Check doors for damage and make note of or repair/replace. Look for loose or damaged hardware, damaged trims, or non-latching doors.
  6. Check walls/ceilings for damage and make note of or repair. Keep an eye out for cracks, water stains/damage or holes.
  7. Check flooring for damage and make note of or repair. Common items you may run across might be soiled carpet, cracked/loose tiles, missing grout, loose floorboards/baseboards, and scratches/damage.
  8. Check landscaping for damage and make note of or repair. Here is where we are talking about the vegetation around your home. Do you have dead vegetation? Are there areas where it is touching the exterior walls of your home or hanging over your roof? Do you have debris in your gutters? Also, take a look at the level of your soil line in your flowerbeds. You should be able to see 3-6 inches of concrete slab foundation. It may also help to take a look at the condition of your fence.

We also have a PDF version to share with friends, family, clients or whoever it may help! Please contact us with any questions you have, or if there is any way in which we can be of service to you!