If your mailbox looks anything like ours, it has been bombarded with companies informing you of their policies regarding COVID-19.  Due to the fact that we spend time in so many people’s homes and then in direct contact with many of your clients, we felt we had a responsibility to loop you in regarding precautions being taken.  

Inspecting homes during this unique time has led us to make some changes to our process. In order to do our best to keep everyone safe, we are now completing each home inspection a bit differently. Here you will find a PDF document that outlines the differences in our process in the immediate future. 

The main difference is the interaction with the inspector, buyers and sellers. We normally do ask the sellers not be present while we do the inspection and continue to make this recommendation. The main change for the buyer is that we will do a video/phone conference to review the findings rather than on-site in person. Another change is that we will not key the report on-site to minimize our exposure to the occupants / sellers / house as well as limiting displacement of the occupants during the time of social distancing (staying home). 

Keep in mind we will still provide the same great inspections with no differences in the quality of the inspection report. Also, we have a team of inspectors to be sure that one way or another – we will have your inspection needs covered. 
Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns about what is happening at any point.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your families— we hope to see you soon!